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Patient Experience Questionnaire (PEQ) Feedback


This course has helped me understand my stress related issues and the things I need to do to manage/control them.

Stress Control Class

I thought that the stress class was extremely informative and very helpful.

Stress Control Class

The Mindfulness Class has really helped me to slow down, focus on myself and given me the skills to maintain this.

Mindfulness Class

This course has been good for me. It’s getting me out of the house and I feel comfortable with the other people in the group. The staff are brilliant, very understanding and don’t judge you. They made me realise I’m not alone.

Compassion Class

I have noticed my stress levels, negative thoughts, worry and mental health wellbeing change for the better, since attending the stress class.

Stress Control Class

Found the Sleep Class very friendly and welcoming. All information was presented in a friendly, simple way.

Sleep Class

I feel that the managing pain and fatigue class has helped me loads. It was nice to discuss with other people in the group who have the same condition as myself. I found the facilitators very approachable and very helpful. I feel that class has made me stronger and helped me look at things differently.

Pain and Fatigue Class

When I attended the compassion class I felt I was understood and not challenged and they really care passionately both about the teaching of the session and the progress we are all making. Wednesday afternoons have been looked forward to and I have been allowed to feel safe here and be open. They have taught compassion and kindness and delivered it with the same.

Compassion Class

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