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Compassion Group

Wednesday 1.30 – 3.00, at Seaburn Lodge, Monkwearmouth Hospital (8 week course)

In this group (of 8 to 10 participants) we explore turning towards compassion for ourselves and others, and contrasting this with our self-critical voice.  We live in a culture where we can come to believe the only way to happiness is through success and achievement.  Our ‘tricky brains’ are dominated by the ‘drive’ to do better, and the ‘threat’ of not being up to scratch.  The compassionate mind approach is informed by many well researched theories, such as evolution, neuroscience and psychology.  We use a range of exercises including guided imagery to undertake some ‘physiotherapy for the brain’, and learn to incorporate compassion in our everyday lives.  The group meets for 2 hours for 8 weeks. This is a closed group with participants working together for the duration of the 8 week period and is more interactive in nature.

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